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Mar 17, 2013 5:30pm PDT
classic here in san francisco. for now, we've live in san francisco, christen captain, ktvu. >> should be a fun game. >>> speaking of baseball, the oakland a's will be one of the first teams to debut a new app that gives fans the option to upgrade seats mid game. major league baseball's app searches for empty sets and gets users the option to upgrade their seat for a fee. it goes when sates are unsold or the season ticketholders are a no show. prices have not been set according to the chronical but any additional sales for otherwise unusualed seats is considered a win for the team. >>> a group of hackers are trying expose records at oakland city hall with the blessing of city officials. as mike reports, it's part of a larger nationwide project to make city data more accessible for everyone. everyone. >> reporter: this is a picture of oakland radical today. >> picking up the title. >> reporter: some two dozen hackers meeting tonight working on making city records more accessible and getting help from at least two city hall officials there, as well. it's called open oakland and part of a na
Mar 2, 2013 5:30pm PST
daly city to san francisco ended with police shoot asking killing a plan there that they say pointed a gun at them. it all started this morning at 12:30 when officers tried to pull over a suspected car thief. the driver took off and eventually jumped out of the moving car in san francisco's little hollywood neighborhood. that's when the confrontation turned deadly. >> suspect turned on the officers and one of the daly city officers i discharged his -- discharged his firearm striking the suspect. the suspect didn't survive the injuries. >>> well, it's a bad situation and it's getting worse. >> we just have not been able to locate mr. bush and so for that reason, the rescue effort is being discontinued. >> engineers say the sinkhole inside this house is unlike anything they've ever even. the man swallowed by it cannot be found. and now the rest of the subdivision is in danger. it is something no one can quite get their minds around. a hole in the earth opening upenders a house de-- up under a house devouring a man in his bed. the sinkhole is now 50 feet deep and adriana diaz ta
Mar 10, 2013 5:30pm PDT
unleaded is $3.74. according to the average in san francisco is $4.15 a gallon. oakland, $4.10, and san jose $4.11. lowest average in california is in sacramento at $4.02 a gallon. >>> 6 teenagers are dead after their suv went into a swampy pond in northeast ohio this morning. a total of 8 teens were in the honda passport when it hit a guardrail, overturned and ended up in the swamp near the city of warren. five teens were trapped in the suv. a 6th was found underneath it. two of the passengers escaped and ran to a house for help. it is a tough loss for the working class town of 41,000. >> took most of this morning to meet with all of the family members, that i possibly could at both hospitals. we are going to pull together and we are going to be there for them. >> the authorities say all of the teens were between the ages of 14 and 19. there is no word what caused the accident but investigators do not believe alcohol was involved. >>> in an animal sanctuary opens to the public next week after a lion killed a 24-year- old intern. the privately run cat haven observed a mo
Mar 9, 2013 5:30pm PST
oakland. looking out towards the tip-top of mount diablo standing 3,847 feet tall. san francisco currently in the upper 50s. low 60s san jose. oakland at 62 degrees. the winds are slight out of the northwest at 8 miles per hour. what a difference a day makes when those howling winds were relentless yesterday and last night. today with the lack of a wind, upper 60s in santa rosa above average. typically we are in the 60s around the peninsula and that's what we realized today. san jose about 2 to 3 degrees below average. 68 degrees common from fairfield through discovery bay. tonight over my, no clouds. temperatures still cold. 35 santa rosa, 34 degrees towards sonoma. upper 30s napa. low and mid-40s common around the almaden valley through mountain view through palo alto. this is the scene towards the coast where official sundown tonight is at 6:11. we'll have those cool temperatures overnight. tomorrow a play date, plan outdoor activities with the bright sunshine, mild temperatures and certainly some beach weather to come. in fact, santa cruz tomorrow, 70 degrees. your rip current risk rem
Mar 24, 2013 5:30pm PDT
the question is how much will we get. we look outside in san francisco where the winds are blowing and it's a westerly breeze and the transformation is taking place and san francisco is already feeling it. we are 5 degrees cooler than where we were and take a look at fairfield and antioch. we are still 2-degrees above where we were yesterday and the on shore breeze is back and that's already cooling us down. low clouds will be returning to the coast seeping into the bay and as we return to the area, i expect low clouds for the morning drive. cooler temperatures are in store for the second half of the day and a cool damp pattern as we get into mid-week wednesday. the ridge of high pressure is beginning to weaken and high clouds are over hid and if you look ahead, there is a few high which ispy clouds and still to the north, i point -- which ispy clouds and this will be breaking down the ridge of high pressure over the next few hours and we will begin to see a cooler air mass in place and cooler air mass is beginning to work its way in and low clouds are forming as well. this is what
Mar 16, 2013 5:30pm PDT
fans here. 2700 fans coming up in a long winds mean big business in san francisco as they cruise liner makes. 35 it's new home. >> a good evening everyone. despite an arrest for her murder the search has never ended up for s-sierra lamarr and it continued today. one year since the south of beit teenager was last seen alive. our reporter is in fremont with the friends and family as they mark this anniversary. >> reporter: the last of the days events wrapped up just a short time ago here in fremont the goal of all of them to keep serous picture interning out there. friends and family marked the first anniversary of her disappearance. >> a year ago today the most important person in my life went missing. >> bullet that went missing. >> it's a sad day that i was hoping would never come there is nothing worse than not knowing what has happened to your child. >> last me someone was arrested in her kidnapping and murder. unfortunately he is saying
Mar 3, 2013 5:30pm PST
escaped unharmed. >>> sinkholes opening up in san francisco forced officials to red tag three homes. this is following a water main break. the 61-year-old water pipe gave way thursday morning and the cause is unclear. two other homes in the neighborhood have been watched in case soil conditions change. >>> toxic vapors in their homes, endangering their lives. that is what an angry crowd talked about today. kpix reporter is in mountain view where the problem goes back decades, don? >> reporter: it is unnerving for many that live here who thought the toxic chemical has been under control for years can. now moving about in their homes and showing up in concentrations. >> reporter: vapors tce that pollutes the ground water of this part of silicone valley. >> what are the concerns that bring you here? what are you thinking about? >> health. number one, health, secondly, property values. >> reporter: the history goes back to the '60s, '70s, '80s when they dumped it and it ended up in the ground water t. seemed controlled for years new concerns emerged last year from vapors seeped into are
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7